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Let me ask you a question; are you trying to deal with emotional concerns on your own?  Have you been trying to get your life back on track? Do you feel like something is "off" and you don't recognize yourself anymore?  If so, you are like many people suffering in silence.  Have you ever experienced the benefits of counseling? What if talking to a counselor was your answer?  Take the first step towards healing and consider counseling. 


Dr. Griffin has worked over 20 years in the field of counseling (psychotherapy), helping individuals, couples, and groups process their feelings and find balance in life on their own terms.  Counseling is not a quick fix.  If you want results, it takes time a willingness to do the work. Counseling is not only for those who are hurting. Psychotherapy is useful for people who want a safe space for vulnerable sharing of their most inner thoughts. Dr. Griffin has assisted individuals, adolescents, groups, and couples (married or thinking about getting married). For More information on how you can benefit from counseling contact Dr. Griffin.

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